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In teaching our group offers a variety of CI-based, well-coordinated lectures, exercises, seminars and internships on subfields of Artificial Intelligence. Currently, we are focusing on new methods in Intelligent Data Analysis.

For bachelor students, each winter term we offer the summary lecture Intelligent Systems as a mandatory course for computer science students. In the summer terms we offer the more specialized lectures on Evolutionary Algorithms and Neural Networks for bachelor students. For master students we offer three independent lectures on Intelligent Data Analysis, Bayesian Networks and Fuzzy Systems, which can optionally be held in English. Usually, the lectures are 2x45min plus a suitable exercise of 2x45min per week. We often use books and software that have been authored by our group. We provide bachelor and master seminars on a regular basis as well as internships. Since many of our former staff now hold leading positions in industry (in Germany as well as internationally), we also offer the possibility of doing diploma or master theses as well as internships abroad at one of our industry cooperation partners.

* Courses summer term 2017

teaching activities

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