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Research Interests

The research group has published 17 monographs, 21 edited books and 77 chapters in books. More than 400 refereed articles have been published in journal of conference proceedings. You can find most of these in our online publication database. Selected publications from recent years are available in full-text. The list of books is available below. Further information can be obtained via the Links page.

Methods developed by our research group could be refined in the scope of research projects (DFG, COST, DAAD, EU, etc.) and cooperations with industrial companies. The projects are available from the research database of the federal state of Sachsen-Anhalt (Forschungsdatenbank). Data analysis projects in cooperation with industry have been accomplished with the automobile industry (BMW, Daimler, VW), with banks and the insurance industry (Deutscher Giro- und Sparkassenverband, Dresdner Bank, HDI), telecommunications industry (BT) and numerous other companies such as Beiersdorf, SAP, Siemens, etc.

Books (latest first)

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