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Steffen Kempe's Promotion

Steffen Kempe defended his dissertation on 19.12.2008. His thesis topic is (German) Häufige Muster in zeitbezogenen Daten. His reviewers are Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kruse (Uni Magdeburg), Prof. Dr. Gholamreza Nakhaeizadeh (Universität Karlsruhe) and PD Dr. Christian Borgelt (European Centre for Soft Computing, Spain).



Georg Ruß participated in the AI-2008 conference in Cambridge, England. He presented his work on 'Visualization of Agriculture Data Using Self-Organizing Maps'. Furthermore he was given the chance to present his PhD work at the FAIRS2008 workshop to an interesting and interested audience. His work and the presentation slides are available via his research blog. The peer-reviewed publication can be acquired from our publication database: Visualization of Agriculture Data Using Self-Organizing Maps.


Attach:Aktuelles.2008/bommerholz08.jpg Δ Δ | 18. Workshop Computational Intelligence Prof. Rudolf Kruse and Christian Moewes participated in the 18th Workshop of the VDI/VDE Technical Committee for Computational Intelligence in Bommerholz near Dortmund. This workshop offers a platform for engineers and scientists who are mainly concerned with the application of CI methods in practical environments. Christian Moewes spoke in his presentation about Adjusting Monitored Experiments to Real-World Cases by Matching Labeled Time Series Motifs. The corresponding article can be found in our publication database.



Prof. Rudolf Kruse and Christian Moewes took the curatorship of the Scholarpedia article Fuzzy neural network and thus published a peer-reviewed article in the internet encyclopedia. The article describes general characteristics and models of neuro-fuzzy systems. It can be found as reference in our publication database as well.

November 2008

Leticia Arco, Rudolf Kruse

Leticia Arco from Santa Clara (Cuba), who has done multiple researchships in our working group, defended her PhD on "Clustering based on Differential Intermediation and its value using rough sets". Prof. Kruse was one of the international reviewers.


COST project

Prof. Kruse took part in the first workshop of the COST project Combining Soft Computing Techniques and Statistical Methods to Improve Data Analysis Solutions, located in the Polish Academy in Warszawa, Poland.


Dagstuhl participants

Prof. Kruse gave a talk on Bayes Networks at the 7-day invited workshop on the topic of "Uncertainty Management in Information Systems".



The Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIREs) are unique hybrid publications that combine the most powerful features of online reference works and review journals. Their goal is to emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in research and education. WIREs publications offer state-of-the-science reviews covering all aspects of new and emerging areas of interdisciplinary investigation. Recognizing that data mining and knowledge discovery is a dynamic, multifaceted topic that is particularly well suited to the WIREs approach, Wiley has agreed to found Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (WIREs DMKD)

Prof. Kruse took part in the founding ceremony as a member of the Editorial Board on special invitation from Wiley on August 27th, 2008.


Dr. Detlef Nauck from the Intelligent Systems Research Centre is giving the seminar on Data Analysis in Industrial Applications. He is a lecturer at our university and head of the above ISRC. He often handles trainees from our working group in his research group. Recently he became a visiting professor at Bournemouth University.


European Centre for Soft Computing

Prof. Kruse took part in the 11th meeting of the Scientific Council of the European Centre for Soft Computing (ECSC).

The ECSC is a research and development centre promoted by the Foundation for the Advancement of Soft Computing and is located in Mieres, Asturias. The scientific activities are guided by this Scientific Committee.

Prof. Kruse has been working for two years in this very successful council, which established (among others) the working group Intelligent Data Analysis, led by Dr. Christian Borgelt, who is also a lecturer at the Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg.



Matthias Steinbrecher spent a visiting stay at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Melbourne, Australia. Our workgroup is involved in a joint project funded by the Group of Eight and the German Academic Exchange Service. Our Australian partner is Prof. Saman Halgamuge and his research team where two German students are currently spending their internships.



Prof. Rudolf Kruse and Christian Moewes successfully participated in the Fourth International Workshop on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics in Toulouse, France. At this workshop which is organized every second year international researchers from the fields of statistics and uncertainty were talking about fuzzy and probability methods. Christian Moewes gave a presentation about his diploma thesis and sketched his possible PhD thesis on Comprehensible Fuzzy Rule Generation based on Kernel Methods. The papers have been published in the Vol. 48 of the Springer Series Advances in Soft Computing. The paper itself can be found in our publication database.


Book #29

The 29th book of our working group has been published recently: Giacomo Della Riccia, Didier Dubois, Rudolf Kruse, Hans-Joachim Lenz: Preferences and Similarities, Springer, Wien, 2008. The book contains 13 revised versions of papers authored by internationally renowned researchers who have given a talk at the 8th International Workshop of the International School for the Synthesis of Expert Knowledge, held from 5th to 7th October 2006 at Udine, Italy.

The successful series of invited workshops, initiated by Prof. Della Riccia and Prof. Kruse takes place biannually at Palazzo del Torso, Udine, Italy, featuring varying topics.


R. Kruse, R. Winkler

Roland Winkler defended his German diploma thesis on Validierung von Indikatoren zur Bewertung der Flugführung im Flughafennahbereich very successfully. During his thesis, he worked on a topic that German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) is very interested in. He will do his PhD at the DLR, in cooperation with our group. The work was supervised by Dr. Frank Rehm, a former PhD student of our group.


ICDM 2008

Georg Ruß participated successfully in the Industrial Conference on Data Mining in Leipzig. The small conference, which is organized annually by IBAI Institute, had an international audience from roughly 20 countries and 32 talks were scheduled, each with a length of 30 minutes. Georg Ruß talked about his current PhD work on Data Mining on Agriculture Data using Neural Networks and received valuable feedback and comments for his ongoing work. The papers are being published in the Springer Series LNCS (LNAI): Advances in Data Mining. The respective publication can be found in our publication database.



Matthias Steinbrecher presented his paper "Clustering Association Rules with Fuzzy Concepts" at 32nd Annual Conference of the German Classification Society 2008 (GfKl 2008) at the Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg.


Liventura meeting

Presentation meeting with Christian Leffin, the head of Liventura, a marketing company specialized on developing, analysing and maintaining virtual environments in SecondLife. In the meeting the current state of an ongoing students internship was presented that aims at providing a web portal for the application of interactive data mining methods to analyse the customer/avatar behaviour in these virtual wolds.

Link:, the photo is from their blog


IPMU 2008

Christian Moewes, Frank Rügheimer, Georg Ruß and Prof. Rudolf Kruse have successfully participated in IPMU 2008 in Málaga, Spain. The respective publications can be obtained from our publication database:

The upcoming IPMU 2010 will be held from June 28th to July 2nd in Dortmund, Germany and will be co-chaired by our working group.



Matthias Steinbrecher and Rudolf Kruse attend NAFIPS'08. Matthias Steinbrecher will be presenting his work on Identifying Temporal Trajectories of Association Rules with Fuzzy Descriptions.


University of Pavia

Rudolf Kruse is teaching lectures on Soft computing and other advanced computational techniques at the University of Pavia. The lecture is part of a set of courses that lead to a Master in Methods for Management of Complex Systems.

04.April 2008

Tomoe Entani will be working for one year as a guest scientist in our research group.

April 2008

Detlef Nauck's seminar on "Data Analysis in industrial applications" will be held at the end of this term.


Kick-off meeting of the COST action project in Brussels: Combining Soft Computing Techniques and Statistical Methods to Improve Data Analysis Solutions.

March 2008

This summer term's teaching activities are available online.

January 2008

Christian Borgelt's Lecture on "Frequent Pattern Mining" will be held from 18.02.2008 to 22.02.2008.



Matthias Steinbrecher and Prof. Kruse spent four days at the Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR) of the Abo Akademi University at Turku/Finland to discuss current and future projects with Prof. Christer Carlsson and his workgroup. The team at Turku -- beside other projects -- is developing methods for predicting the reliability of grid computing networks.


Our group has received a grant under a joint DAAD/Go8 scheme that aims to foster cooperation between German and Australian universities. The programme details can be found at the Go8 website.

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