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News & Announcements 2016


Mr. Kruse was elected as a full member of the Braunschweigische Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft.


Alexander Dockhorn and Christian Braune took part at the IEEE-SSCI conference in Athen. Mr. Dockhorn gave a presentation on "Variable Density Based Clustering". Mr. Braune held a presentation on his topic "Fuzzy density based clustering with generalized centroids".


On the 20th anniversary of the working group, we were able to solve difficult puzzles together in the best possible time.


Christoph Reichert has successfully defended his dissertation on the topic Approaches for Improved Brain-Machine Interface Control Using High-Density Magnetoencephalography .


Prof. Kruse took part at the CI-Workshop of the GMA in Dortmund.


Alexander Dockhorn, together with Julian Blank, was awarded as the best computer science graduate of the faculty.


Andreas Meier, Ph.D. student of Rudolf Kruse, has received the renowned Hermann Appel Prize 2016 for his dissertation "Methods for the Pre-Collision Forecast of the Expected Accident of Vehicle Front Collisions" in the vehicle development category. The award ceremony took place on 3.11.16 at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences in Berlin.


At the INNS Conference on Big Data in Thessaloniki (Greece), Rudolf Kruse held the opening talk entitled "Modeling Self-Explanatory Big Data Applications".


Rudolf Kruse attended the doctoral defense of Ramiro Saltos, University of Santiago, Chile, via Video Conference. He wrote a report about Saltos' dissertation.


Christian Braune has presented a poster about "Obtaining Shape Descriptors from a Concave Hull-Based Clustering Algorithm" at the "15th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis 2016".


Tran Nguyen, Jens Spehr, Matthias Uhlemann, Michael Darms, Sebastian Zug, and Rudolf Kruse (joint project between Volkswagen and the FIN) has presented the article "Learning of Lane Information Reliability for Intelligent Vehicles" at the IEEE 2016 International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI), 19-21.9.16 in Baden-Baden, and was awarded one of the best four papers by the nomination for the Best Paper Award. Mr. Nguyen is a doctoral student with Mr. Kruse.

12 -14.09.2016

Mr. Kruse has given a lecture on agglomerative fuzzy clustering at the 8th International Conference on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics in Rome, 12-14 September 2016.


Pascal Held has presented his work on "Dynamic Clustering in Social Networks using Louvain and Infomap Method" at the "Third European Network Intelligence Conference".


Pascal Held has presented his work "Detecting Overlapping Community Hierarchies in Dynamic Graphs" at the DyNo Workshop of the ASONAM 2016 in Orlando.


Rudolf Kruse held a course on "Decomposable Models" on the 2ND EUROPEAN SUMMER SCHOOL ON FUZZY LOGIC AND APPLICATIONS, AUGUST 14 - 19, 2016, in Ostrava, Czech Republic


Christoph Doell attended the Multi-Konference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence HLAI 2016 in New York. This included the conference "Artificial General Intelligence" AGI, the fourth "International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition" AIC 2016, the 11th "International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning" NeSy-2016 and the "International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures" BICA 2016. Mr. Doell presented his work "Evaluation of Cognitive Architectures Inspired by Cognitive Biases" at the BICA conference.


Pascal Held received a prize for the lecture "Clustering in Dynamic Graphs" at the PhD student's day of the Faculty of Computer Science.


Pascal Held has published his work on "Online Fuzzy Community Detection by." At the 16th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty Using Nearest Hubs ".


Mr. Kruse has participated as a member of the international jury at the award of the BBVA Foundation "Frontiers of Knowledge Awards" in the category "Information and Communication Technologies" in Madrid. Winner of the prestigious endowed with 500,000 US dollars price in 2015 is Stephen Artur Cook, of the concept as NP-complete ness comes and the first to the question "P = NP?" Formulated, one of the seven Millennium Price problem.


Mr. Kruse participated at the inaugural lecture of his partner Prof. Michael Beer. He was active as professor in the field of Uncertainty in Engineering University of Liverpool, School of Engineering, Centre for Engineering Sustainability. Now he became a professor as Head of the Institute for Computer Science in Civil Engineering of the Leibniz University Hannover.


Christian Braune and Pascal Held have been awarded for their seminar "Classification Algorithms" the "Held der Lehre". Alexander Dockhorn also been recognized for its exercise in "Intelligent Systems".


Mr. Kruse held a plenary lecture on "decomposable Models: On Learning, Fusion, and Revision" at the World Conference on Soft Computing in Berkeley, May 22-25, 2016 on the occasion of the "50th Anniversary of Fuzzy Logic and Its Applications" and "95th Birthday Anniversary of LOTFI A. ZADEH.


Mr. Kruse attended the council meeting of the Department of computer science of the Autouni under the direction of Dr. Karl Teille.


Together with Prof. Michels our group had a technical discussions with Salzgitter Flachstahl about data mining in the steel industry. Michels and Kruse have co-authored a book on Fuzzy Control.


Mr. Kruse attended the council meeting of the Department of computer science of the Autouni under the direction of Dr. Karl Teille.


Our new Institute for Intelligent Cooperating Systems was established from of the two Instituts IVS and IWS.


Raphael Moura of the University of Liverpool visited the work group. The cooperation on the analysis of major accidents continues.


Rudolf Kruse visited his former PhD Student Matthias Steinbrecher in the Innovation Center of SAP in Potsdam. Recently, Mr. Steinbrecher won an award for an analysis-system (Big Data) in the area of cancer research, see Report


Christian Braune and Pascal Held have received an award for there performance at the teaching of the seminar "Clustering Algorithms" from the students council of the faculty of computer science (FaRaFIN).


Pascal Held at Netsci-X 2016

Pascal Held presented a poster about "Online Community Detection by Using Nearest Hubs" at the Netsci-X 2016.


Rudolf Kruse was member of the international jury of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards. Winner of the prestigious, worth 500,000 US dollars Awards in the Information and Communication Technologies category has been the Canadian computer scientist Stephen Artur Cook for his work on computational complexity, especially his concept of NP-completeness. More information here and in this video.


Prof. Kruse and two colleges organized the workshop for soft-computing at the HICSS'49 in Hawaii.

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