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NEFCLASS - Neuro-Fuzzy Classification

NEFCLASS is short for NEuro-Fuzzy CLASSification and it is used for data analysis by neuro-fuzzy models. It can learn fuzzy rules and fuzzy sets by supervised learning. NEFCLASS has the following features:


Please note that this software is no longer developed or supported.

NEFCLASS is freely available for scientific and personal use (see license). You can download the software by selecting one of the links below. Please note that all NEFCLASS software comes without any warranty, and that it is copyrighted software.

NEFCLASS-J is our new implementation of the NEFCLASS model in JAVA. It is still under development. A provisional version with a lot of new features is already available.

NEFCLASS-PC is a software tool for MSDOS Personal Computers (80286, 2 MB and VGA needed). It was written by Ulrike Nauck in Turbo Pascal and has a Turbo Vision interface (text windows). You can use it to learn a fuzzy classifier from data, graphically display learning results, save fuzzy rules as text, and compute some simple statistics on the training data.

  • Download the NEFCLASS-PC 2.04 software (480 kb zip-file) The new version 2.04 that is now available is a bug fix to version 2.0 that was released in October 1995. Take a look at its new features!
  • If you already have version 2.0 or later, you can update by downloading a smaller zip-file (190 KB) containing only the files that are new in version 2.04.
  • The manual for NEFCLASS-PC is now available as a PDF file (540 KB) or as a postscript file in a ZIP archive (570 KB)
  • The source code is now also available in a ZIP archive (210 KB). It is compatible with Turbo Pascal and Borland Pascal (DOS versions).
  • Please note: NEFCLASS-PC has been written for MS-DOS PCs. It is using old-fashioned expanded memory mechanisms that may no longer work under modern Windows systems. You are on your own when you try to use NEFCLASS-PC on a modern PC.
    Some users reported that they experienced the "Runtime error 200 at 0003:25F5". Apparently, this is caused by the CPU speed of modern PCs which is too fast for applications compiled by Turbo Pascal.
    One user found that using a program called SLOWDOWN, which resides in the memory of a command shell and slows down the speed of CPU. Slowing down the CPU speed to 5Mhz of a 80486 computer level, reportedly would let NEFCLASS-PC start up normally. We have not tried this ourselves, so this comes without any guarantee of working. The Slowdown program has been written by Bret Johnson and can be downloaded at

NEFCLASS-X is an implementation for UNIX by Thomas Hoferichter. It is not the final version, and has not all the features of the PC version. However, it already has a nice TCL interface, and comes including the source code (C++). We are currently working on completing this version, so please check back from time to time!