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New Features in NECLASS-PC 2.04

Welcome to the new version of NEFCLASS-PC. Starting with version 2.0 we will supply this file describing the new features of the program.

Version 2.04 (Bug Fix)

Release Date: February, 16, 1996

Version 2.03 (Bug Fix)

Release Date: January, 16, 1996 (not officially announced)

Version 2.02 (Bug Fix)

Release Date: November, 12, 1995

Version 2.01 (Bug Fix)

Not officially released

Version 2.0 (New Release)

Release Date: October, 8, 1995

Known Bugs in Version 2.0:

Version 1.5

Release Date: February 22, 1995

This was the first released version. Prior versions were used for internal validation only.