The 5th International Symposium
on Intelligent Data Analysis

Berlin, Germany
August 28-30, 2003

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Instructions for Poster Presenters

Each poster will be introduced by a short, 3 minute oral summary presentation during the Spotlight session. After these oral presentations, 90 minutes are reserved for the posters of that session. The audience will then have time to discuss details with each author individually. Therefore the spotlight presentation will only briefly describe an overview of your work and motivate the audience to later discuss it in more detail throughout the main poster session.

For the spotlight talk you will need to prepare a set of no more than 3 transparencies (note that you will not be able to use any electronic files as it would be too time consuming to change laptops for each presenter!). The chair of the spotlight session will introduce you and the title of your paper so you can use the entire 3 minutes to concentrate on motivating your work and why the audience should consider looking at your poster afterwards. We suggest that you use the three slides for a motivation, a brief summary of the underlying technology and an overview of the results you were able to achieve. Since we will have about 20 presentations per spotlight session we will strictly enforce the 3 minute limit. A timer will be set to guarantee that every presenter has the same amount of time for his/her spotlight presentation. Please make sure ahead of time that your presentation fits into this time limit! Remember that you are trying to get people to come to your poster, not to explain everything relevant about your work in those 3 minutes.

For the poster itself we will provide poster walls that hold posters of sizes up to DIN A0 (portrait/upright!), that is, a maximum size of 85 cm/33 inch (width) by 119 cm/47 inch (height). We encourage you to put up your poster before the spotlight session so that no time will be wasted to put up posters during the poster session itself.

To summarize, you will need:

  • 3 slides for an overhead projector for your 3 min spotlight presentation,
  • a well-prepared spotlight presentation, and
  • a poster no larger than 85 cm x 119 cm (or 33 inch x 47 inch)

We look forward to your presentation and exciting and productive discussions during the IDA poster sessions. See you in Berlin.


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