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Paper Submission

Papers of 5-8 pages in the format described below can be submitted electronically (in portable document format, PDF) until Sunday, March 18, 2012 Tuesday, April 3, 2012, through the

Conference Management System ConfTool.

Note that in order to submit a paper you first have to create a conference account. Note also that we will not accept papers that are submitted by email. All papers have to be submitted through the conference management system.

Author Instructions

An archive with author instructions, LaTeX (svmult.cls) and BibTeX (spbasic.bst) style files as well as a LaTeX template:

Note that it is mandatory to use this LaTeX template at least for the final submissions. That is, submissions for review may be in a different format, but must be changed to this format (in LaTeX) for the final submission.

Final papers are restricted to a maximum of 8 pages. Additional pages may be bought at a price of 60 Euros per page.