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NEFCON - Neuro-Fuzzy Control

NEFCON is a model for neuro-fuzzy control. It can learn fuzzy rules and fuzzy sets by reinforcement learning. NEFCON has the following features:


NEFCON is freely available for scientific and personal use (see license). You can download the software by selecting one of the links below. Please note that NEFCON software comes without any warranty, and that it is copyrighted software.
NEFCON-I for UNIX systems: This is the first implementation of NEFCON (by Herrmann Diekgerdes and Roland Stellmach). It is written in C++, and uses InterViews as graphical user interface. There are binaries available for SUN-OS and LINUX. If you have another UNIX system you must compile the source code by yourself. This version of NEFCON is not supported anymore, it is currently completely rewritten. However, it may be useful to you anyway.
NEFCON-Win (by Matthias Weber) is a new implementation for PCs under Windows 3.1 or higher. It is written in Borland C++. The software currently has only a German user interface.
NEFCON for MATLAB is our most recent implementation of our neuro-fuzzy control model. It was written by Andreas Nürnberger in a project with DASA (Daimler Benz Aerospace), Hamburg. To use it you must have MATLAB, SIMULINK and the fuzzy toolbox for MATLAB. NEFCON for MATLAB is platform-independent.

For download information please read the page of NEFCON for MATLAB.

If you want to know more about our work please have a look at our list of our books, or choose a paper from our list of papers (with abstracts) and download it.

For questions on NEFCON please contact Detlef Nauck. For more information on NEFCON for MATLAB please contact Andreas Nürnberger.

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