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NEFCON for MATLAB/SIMULINK is an implementation of the NEFCON model (NEural Fuzzy CONtroller) under MATLAB/SIMULINK.

NEFCON for MATLAB/SIMULINK Version 1.0a is semi-free software. It may be used free of charge for non-profit purposes (educational, scientific and personal purposes). See license.txt for details.

Online Documents

NEFCON-Model for MATLAB/SIMULINK Online Documentation: nefcon.html

Nürnberger/Nauck/Kruse: Neuro-Fuzzy Control Based on the NEFCON-Model Under MATLAB/SIMULINK. Presented at the 2nd On-line World Conference on Soft Computing in Engineering Design and Manufacturing (WSC2) On the Internet (World-Wide Web). ( or (wsc2.html)

Nürnberger/Nauck/Kruse: Neuro-Fuzzy Control Based on the NEFCON-Model, In: Soft Computing,2:4, pp. 182-186, Springer, Berlin, 1999. Paper Download

Download Tool

You can download NEFCON via the links below or you can use our ftp-server. Please read license.txt and copying.txt before you download NEFCON for MATLAB/SIMULINK. Read readme.txt before you install it.

For more information please contact Andreas Nürnberger (E-mail:

Release for MATLAB 4.2 / SIMULINK 1.3

tar-file: nefcon.tar (1339 KB)

zipped tar-file: nefcon.tar.gz (544 KB)

zip-file: (623 KB)

Beta Release for MATLAB 5.3 / SIMULINK 3.0 (R11)

tar-file: (678 KB)

Please remark that this is a beta release and there may be some major bugs. This tool is no longer maintained. However, feel free to use the code for your own developments.

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