Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems

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Our group, led by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kruse, develops methods and implements Intelligent Systems, especially for application in the area of Intelligent Data Analysis. The members of the group have authored several books and refereed papers and a number of software tools on this topic. In our research we often use (soft computing) methods like Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms, Bayes Networks and other Approximate Reasoning Methods. These methods are especially suited to to exploit the tolerance for uncertainty and vagueness in cognitive reasoning. By applying these methods it is possible to obtain easy to handle, robust, and low-priced solutions for certain areas of application. Please check the research database for information on current projects.

The methods of our research area are also considered to be tools for computational intelligent systems. The term computational intelligence has been defined by IEEE to describe systems that implement certain aspects of intelligent behavior by numerical methods.