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Tasks and Aims
Council Members
Baden Baden 2000 - Computational Intelligence
Leipzig 1999 - Fuzzy-Neuro Systems
München 1998 - Fuzzy-Neuro Systems
Paderborn, Soest 1997 - Fuzzy-Neuro Systems
Darmstadt 1995 - Fuzzy-Neuro Systems
Munich 1994 - Fuzzy Systems
Braunschweig 1993 - Fuzzy Systems
Membership (in German)

Tasks and Aims

Within the German Society of Computer Science (GI) a research group Fuzzy Systems was founded in October 1993. This group is part of the AI division of the GI. Subjects of the group are the topics Fuzzy Set Theory, Fuzzy Logic, Approximate Reasoning, Fuzzy Control, Uncertainty and Vagueness in Knowledge Based Systems and Fuzzy Data Analysis.

In addition to this, the interest of the group focusses on industrial applications in the field of control engineering (e.g. robotics) as well as speech and pattern recognition. Moreover, neighboring areas like Neural Nets, Machine Learning, and conventional control techniques are considered with respect to fuzzy theory.

By organizing workshops the research group supports

The research group promotes international, especially European cooperations of research in the domain of fuzzy systems.
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An important activity of the group is the periodical workshop "Fuzzy Systems" held annually in different places in Germany.

Computational Intelligence '00 - in Baden-Baden

The workshop "Computational Intelligence in Industrial Applications (CI'2000)" was held on 11./12. May in the "Kongresshaus Baden-Baden". Under the organization of Prof. Dr. Sigrid Hafner (Universität Paderborn), Prof. Dr. Harro Kiendl (Universität Dortmund), Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kruse (Universität Magdeburg), and Hans-Paul Schwefel (Universität Dortmund) current research topics was presented, including Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms and - of increasing interest in Computational Intelligence - Data Mining. (A German conference report can be found here.)

The workshop proceedings have been published as VDI-Bericht 1526, VDI Verlag Düsseldorf (ISBN 3-18-091526-9).

Fuzzy-Neuro Systems '99

Computational Intelligence - in Leipzig

Fuzzy-Neuro Systems `99 was the sixth event of a well established series of workshops with international participation. It was held in Leipzig, March 18 - 19, 1999. Its aim was to give an overview of the state of the art in research and development of fuzzy systems and artificial neural networks. Another aim was to highlight applications of these methods and to forge innovative links between theory and application by means of creative discussions. FNS'99 was organized by the Research Committee 1.2 "Inference Systems" (Fachausschuss 1.2 "Inferenzsysteme") of the German Society of Computer Science GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik e. V.) and Universität Leipzig.

There were 18 contributions from different research areas in fuzzy-neuro systems, with a stress on fuzzy classification and fuzzy image processing. The invited talks were given by P. Hájek on fuzzy predicate calculus, R. Rojas on neural networks for recognition of handwritten ZIP codes, and S. Thrun on algorithms for mobile robotics.

Workshop Chairs: Gerhard Brewka and Siegfried Gottwald.
Local Organization: Ralf Der and Andreas Schierwagen.

The proceedings are available as
Fuzzy-Neuro-Systems'99 - Computational Intelligence - FNS'99.
G. Brewka, R. Der, S. Gottwald, A. Schierwagen (eds).
Leipziger Universitaetsverlag, 1999 (ISBN 3-933240-75-1).

More information (CfP, conference programme) can be found on the homepage of the FNS'99.

Fuzzy-Neuro Systems '98

Computational Intelligence - in Munich

The 5. International GI-Workshop Fuzzy-Neuro Systems 98 - Computational Intelligence was held from March 18 - 20, 1998 in Munich at the European Patent Office. The chairman was Prof. Dr. W. Brauer, Technical University of Munich.

More informationen is provided on the hompage Fuzzy-Neuro Systems 98 and in a short 'Tagungsbericht' (in german).

The proceedings are available as
Fuzzy-Neuro-Systeme'98 - Computational Intelligence.
Proc. 5th Int. Workshop Fuzzy-Neuro-Systeme '98 (FNS'98) in Munich, Germany.
Proceedings in Artificial Intelligence, infix, Sankt Augustin, 1998.
(ISBN 3-89601-010-7)

Fuzzy-Neuro Systems '97

Computational Intelligence - in Paderborn

Fuzzy-Neuro Systems'97 - Computational Intelligence (see also the Homepage) was the fourth workshop of a series of national meetings in the area of fuzzy systems and artificial neural networks. The workshop was held on March, 12 to 14, 1997 at the University of Paderborn. The emphasis was given to Computational Intelligence. The Chairman was A. Grauel. Invited speakers were J. Bezdek, E.-P. Klement, T. Kohonen and P. Schwefel

The proceedings are available as
Grauel, Adolf and Becker, Wilhelm and Belli, Fevzi (eds.):
Fuzzy-Neuro-Systeme'97 - Computational Intelligence.
Proc. 4th Int. Workshop Fuzzy-Neuro-Systeme '97 (FNS'97) in Soest, Germany.
Proceedings in Artificial Intelligence, infix, Sankt Augustin, 1997.

Selected theory-oriented contributions to our conference have been published in Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Volume 101, Issue 2, 16 January 1999 under the title Analytical and Structural Considerations in Fuzzy Modeling. Contents:

  • Adolf Grauel, Analytical and Structural Considerations in Fuzzy Modeling, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 205-206
  • Thomas A. Runkler, James C. Bezdek, Function approximation with polynomial membership functions and alternating cluster estimation, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 207-218
  • A. Grauel, L.A. Ludwig, Construction of differentiable membership functions, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 219-225
  • Eyke Hüllermeier, Approximation of uncertain functional relationships, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 227-240
  • Erich Peter Klement, Mirko Navara, A survey on different triangular norm-based fuzzy logics, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 241-251
  • Ekkehard Hennebach, Werner Dilger, Algebraic operations on a class of Mamdani-controllers, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 253-259
  • Detlef Nauck, Rudolf Kruse, Neuro-fuzzy systems for function approximation, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 261-271
  • O. Huwendiek, W. Brockmann, Function approximation with decomposed fuzzy systems, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 273-286
  • Jianwei Zhang, Alois Knoll, Designing fuzzy controllers by rapid learning, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 287-301
  • Thomas Feuring, James J. Buckley, Wolfram-M. Lippe, Andreas Tenhagen, Stability analysis of neural net controllers using fuzzy neural networks, Fuzzy Sets And Systems (101)2 (1999) pp. 303-313
  • Fuzzy-Neuro Systems'95

    Theory and Applications - in Darmstadt

    The third workshop "Fuzzy-Neuro Systems'95 - Theory and Applications" took place at the Technical University in Darmstadt in November 1995.
    142 participants attended the workshop. Chairman was R. Isermann. Invited speakers were L. Zadeh (Berkeley) J. Feldman (Berkeley), H.-J. Zimmermann (Aachen), R. Kruse (Braunschweig) and H. Hellendoorn (München).

    Key papers were published in two special issues of Fuzzy Sets and Systems (Vol. 89, 1997) and the German journal Informatik: Forschung und Entwicklung (Vol. 12, No.1, 1997).

    Fuzzy Systems'94

    Classification, Decision Support, Control - in Munich

    The second workshop "Fuzzy Systems'94 - Classification, Decision Support, Control" was organized by the GI Research Group and Siemens AG.
    About 90 researchers attended the workshop. The chairman of this workshop was R. Palm. Invited speakers were L. Zadeh (Berkeley) and L. Koczy (Tokyo, Budapest)

    The key papers of the workshop will be published in a special issue of the journal Fuzzy Sets and Systems.

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    Fuzzy Systems'93

    Management of Uncertain Information - in Braunschweig

    The first workshop "Fuzzy Systems - Management of Uncertain Information", together with a tutorial on fuzzy systems and fuzzy control, took place in Braunschweig in October 1993, and was organized by the GI and the Technical University of Braunschweig.
    About 120 participants attended the workshop. The chairman was R. Kruse. Invited speakers were A. Mamdani (London) and D. Dubois (Toulouse).

    The results of the workshop are published in an English written monograph:

    R. Kruse, J. Gebhardt, R. Palm (eds.): "Fuzzy Systems in Computer Science". Vieweg, 1994.


    The council members of the GI research group Fuzzy Systems are:

    Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kruse (speaker)
    Faculty of Computer Science
    Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
    Universtitaetsplatz 2
    D-39106 Magdeburg
    Dr. Rainer Palm (speaker)
    Siemens AG
    Research and Development
    ZFE ST SN 43
    Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
    D-81739 Munich

    C. von Altrock (INFORM GmbH, Aachen)
    Prof. Dr. S. Bocklisch (Technical University of Chemnitz)
    Prof. Dr. Ch. Freksa(University of Hamburg)
    Dr. J. Heinsohn (Fachhochschule Brandenburg)
    Prof. Dr. B. Reusch (University of Dortmund)
    Prof. Dr. H. Zimmermann (RWTH Aachen).

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